About Reach

Reach Fieldhouse is the home of one of Chicago's most sought-after boxing teachers. The major goal here is to get sweaty, messy, and in shape. There are no expensive jacuzzis or steam facilities at this facility. You'll get the best training experience, as well as access to a supportive community and information on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The Gym

Reach members get access to the gym during normal business hours. Unlike other tiny studios, which only provide courses or have tight open hours, this one offers more. Their multifunctional gym is available to users. The gym is divided into three sections: a boxing gym, a functional fitness gym, and a conventional gym. Olympic lifting, standard lifting, heavy bags, a boxing ring, cardio equipment, and a variety of useful workout equipment are available to members.

Their mission is to provide their gym members with more ways to reach their fitness goals and give advice for a healthy lifestyle and more opportunities to feel unstoppable.

Personal Training

Each trainer is devoted to the success of their clients and will tailor a strategy to match their objectives and timeline. The traininers available includes top-tier boxing coaches as well as university-level strength coaches. Seeing each member's progress motivates Reach's coaches to keep motivating them every day. Knowing that they have helped that person achieve happiness makes this a calling, not a job.